Campsite "Ivo" is situated on the sandy beach, in the place of Duće, municipality of Dugi Rat, close to the town of Omiš, near Split and Makarska. Due to sand, beaches in Duće and Omiš are considered to be the most beautiful ones in Croatia, making a real paradise for small children. In the lenght of some 30 meters is the sea shallow, i.e. the water depth is 30 to 40 cm. So, parents needn't fear too much for their small children, who can play carlessly both in the campsite and on the beach.

The campsite disposes of eight (8) toilets, four (4) men's with one (1) wash-basin with hot water and two (2) wash-basins with cold water, two (2) urinals, four (4) women's toilets with one (1) wash-basin with hot water and two (2) wash-basins with cold water.
The campsite has four (4) showers cubicles with hot water and two (2) showers with cold water, placed on the beach.
The campsite also has a room for washing clothes, i.e. four (4) sinks for dish washing, two (2) of them with hot and two (2) with cold water and two (2) tubs with cold water for washing of clothes. The campsite is also equipped with a washing machine.


In one part the same room there are refrigerators for guests, one of them with keys - fridge and deep freezer, some of them can be rented separately in a particular campsite unit.

The campsite is shadowed in a great extent.

Auto-camp "Ivo" is situated in the part of the Omis riviera, 2 km from Dugi Rat, 3 Km from Omiš, 20 Km from Split, 40 Km from Makarska and Trogir. With a capacity of 30 camping posts.
Duče is a place recognizable by its beautiful sandy beaches and sandbanks that make a natural phenomenen.
Luxuriant vegetation, tranquillity, clean air, mild climate, beautiful view of the sea and islands, are the things that will impress every visitor at first sight.
The homely atmosphere, modern sanitary facilities with hot and cold water, the capacity of only 30 families as well as its clear sea far from mass tourism will.
You can rely on us.

The campsite is open from 15th of April to 15th of November.

The campsite "Ivo" hires two (2) caravans, one (1) to accept minimum four (4) people and one (1) to accept maximum four (4) people.



The Šarolić family hires one (1) apartment of some sixty-five (65) square meters, i.e. a living room with a kitchen of some thirty (30) square meters of surface. plus two sleeping rooms of some twenty-eight (28) square meters of surface and other space with toilet of some eight (8) square meters. This apartment includes a big terrace of some thirty-five (35) square meters, 10 m2 are roofed. At the enterance to one of the rooms there is a small balcony of some 10 m2.
Apartment guests are allowed to use all the services offered in the campsite "Ivo", that is to say toilets and showers, free of charges and to keep company with other guests, without having any problems because of that.



If you do the booking throught internet, you are obliged to pay the minimum amount of ten (10) EUR per person, as booking advance money for your stay at the campsite, and thirty (30) EUR for your stay in an apartment.
The campsite allows certain discounts on particular places and in particular time. To get them, you should follow the rules about the lenght of your stay, stated in the booking gorm or agreed upon in the very campsite "Ivo".


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